Britain Descends Into A Dickensian Nightmare.




Why? …. When every other country in the world is embracing modern civilization and all it has to offer, like better health care, better living standards, more compassion for our fellow man, the pursuit of World Peace etc, etc, does this Conservative/LiberalDemocrat Coalition Government appear to be ‘intent’ on dragging us back to the wholly miserable Dickensian way of life?

It seems that Iian Duncan Smith is leading the way on this with his mindfully ‘cruel’ reforms, that although were designed to hit those who are clearly scamming the welfare system, are in fact hitting the innocent, needy and disabled the most.

Scammers will always find the loopholes or other ways of scamming to make a living for themselves. The innocent, needy and disabled are usually very honest, to the point of being neive and as such come out of this whole shambles financially and psychologically ruined.

Homelessness figures are hitting record high’s, although I dare say this Coalition Government will manipulate figures to say this aint so – but it is – ask Shelter, a far more honest organisation than this gang of Street-Bandit Politicians. Probably the most significant contribution to those figures will be the ‘Evil’ Bedroom Tax which the United Nations Inspector has recently deemed totally unfit and against our basic human rights. (Not surprisingly, Grant Shapps was in a furious rage about that as the truth often hurts when you’re on the wrong side of the Moral and Ethical argument).

If you scan through the other posts on this blog, you’ll soon see exactly ‘WHY’ this government is doing this.

It’s a calculated ideological strategy that every Citizen in the UK is being forced to be controlled by.

Fact – Or Fiction? The world of Dickens was both Fact ‘and’ Fiction.

This purposeful action by heartless MP’s (who are predominantly Multi-Millionaires) who will scarper to their off-sure dwellings and bank accounts when the shit hits the fan don’t actually care, because, as they have seen demonstrated by Tony Blair – There is a whole lot More Money to be made out there from the misery of Millions.




The Lloyds – Boots – NHS – Drugs Cartel



Aren’t Cartels Illegal in the UK?


Well it appears that if the UK Government sanction them then they’re OK – NOT!!


It appears that every NHS patient is now being driven down a funnel so that we only get our prescriptions processed at either a Lloyds or Boots Pharmacy.

Smaller, independent Chemists/Pharmacists are being systematically driven out of the system by being charged a ‘SurCharge’ or simply denied access to ordering facilities of selected commonly required drugs prescribed by our GP’s.

Most of us prefer to go to our local chemist to get our prescriptions filled or to get other associated products which we can buy more easily than trecking God Knows how far to the nearest Lloyds or Boots chemist, but this choice will very soon be a thing of the past as those independent chemists will be driven OUT of business by this Highly Illegal Cartel!

We all HAVE to stand up to these bullying Giants (and the government conspiritors) in the same way that all sane, decent, moral individuals have stood up against the highly suspect and immoral ‘Bedroom Tax’ and large company ‘Tax Avoidance’ schemes. The loss of our local chemist and with it the choice of obtaining our often VITAL medication is in fact likely to have a HUGE impact on our health very soon.

So Write a letter to your local MP as well as to the Minister For Health (Though that will get a limp-wristed response) and maybe your local newspaper would like to do a write-up about it?

At this point in time, I’m having problems getting vital medication from my local chemist. He has been told that he will be supplied if he agrees to pay £2- MORE than he actually gets from the government for each prescription. As you can imagine, he either needs to – pay it out of his own profits – pass this cost on – or he goes broke. Neither option is acceptable especially as one supplier even refused to accept his order (at any cost). Even MORE frightening.

Some good news though – Other European Countries are NOT! experiencing these issues, so we could always order our prescriptions from those outlets – NOT!!


Remember – Cartels ARE Illegal.

The NHS, Lloyds and Boots ARE operating a Cartel. (Allegedly 🙂


The Choice is Yours – Do with this information what you will. At the very least, pass it forward to your friends/relatives etc so that they know the situation BEFORE they are negatively affected by it.


Thank You – P.


Should We Pay The Unemployable To Stay At Home



Probably YES! …. The UK Government SHOULD be paying the unemployable ‘more’ to actually stay at home …. and here’s WHY!

There will ALWAYS be More people who actually WANT to work than there are who WANT to stay at home – it’s in our humanity, our DNA, that we work for the stimulation that work gives us, and the sense of achievement that almost ALL Humans require and desire.

All of our politicians are totally missing the point with unemployment and benefits in this country.
( Or are they? )


More to the point – if we DID have full employment, inflation would sky-rocket and the economy would spiral out of control, dooming the United Kingdom and all of us who live here. Every capitalist economy/society is dependent on ‘unemployment’ being relatively high.
(Although to get YOUR vote they will insist on “Jobs For All” as their Mantra)
It keeps employment cost down for a start. An over-supply of qualified workers for jobs means workers can state their own terms or they’ll move on to pastures better (more Money) This was the case in the 1970’s and 80’s here in the UK and interest rates brought us all to our knees, with house re-possessions at an all time high. ( We were paying 18% ) 🙁

There are people in this once GREAT! Country of ours being forced into work who clearly don’t want to be there, whether because they just don’t like the job, or they don’t like work. That’s an undeniable fact.

BUT! … There are MORE people being FORCED to sit at home and claim benefits who would give their right arm to have those jobs that are being squandered by the lazy or dis-functional, who – even when they do turn up for work, they only give 20% at best of their heart to the job, whereas those with a positive drive would be FAR more valuable to those employers, and the economy as a whole.
I know, I was an employer, and there is NOTHING more draining on a business than a worker (or workers) who you CANNOT sack just for being lazy these days or the Loony-Lefty-PC-Brigade will have the shirt off your back for trying to save your own, and your other employees livelihoods.

ANSWER?? ….. Pay those who don’t want to, or who CAN’T work, to stay at home while those who really DO WANT to work can get back to the life they love – which is working in their preferred profession/vocation.

If the government want to ‘Save’ on benefit payments they should PAY businesses the full wage to employ those receiving benefits and who desperately WANT to get back to work and therefore contribute back into society via income tax and VAT on products they’ll buy with that extra money. It may seem more expensive at first, but those businesses that now have a ‘Hard Working’ workforce will get more successful and more able to take over the reins of paying the wages themselves.

What’s that you say?? It’s already being done?? Not on your Nelly.
The gestures might be there but the delivery definitely isn’t.

If there was a referundum on the subject – And the FACTS as outlined here were explained properly as opposed to the government Lies and Spin for their own usurping policies – common sense would prevail, and the hard working majority would much rather prefer to pay the lazy and inadequate, or those who simply can’t work for health or other valid reasons, to stay at home and let them get back into the workplace where they can work as hard as they like – because THAT is their vocation.

Surely this is only Common-Sense isn’t it?

The problem we all face is that the government/s like to set us all up against each other – “Divide and Conquer” is their Mantra – it serves them very well as they need to keep us fully under control while they empty our bank accounts daily with more and more ingenius ways to fine us into submission with all their non-sensicle new taxes and offences designed to ‘Protect??’ us all.

End of rant – but this is a VERY serious point that should be considered IMMEDIATELY!!

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The Barbaric Bedroom Tax on Social Housing

IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) is pushing through the most unpopular tax on society since the Poll Tax. The problem with this tax is that it is a menacing, cruel tax on the most vulnerable people in society, aimed (seemingly) directly at communities that have built up over decades and look to each other for that sense of ‘belonging’ that all of us need to feel in one way or another.

The BIG! clue is in the name …. ‘Social’ housing. Housing designed to benefit society. Housing designed to form ‘communities’. You know those things that bind kind, honest, hard working, moral, ethical souls together for the good of every one of us who live in this once great nation.

It’s no good thinking that if you live in a private estate, a private road or some other ‘privately owned’ property that Social Housing doesn’t affect you, because it does. We should all be one big caring society, not because it sounds ‘cool’ but because it’s beneficial to everyone when Social Communities thrive.

We’ve just had Red-Nose Day and if anything shone out to us from our TV screens it was that ‘Community Spirit’ was the overriding factor in every good cause we saw being played out, encouraging us all to part with our money for the good of the weak and the vulnerable. From the disabled and disadvantaged in our own country, to the horrors we witnessed in ‘Communities’ in Africa, the proof for us all to see was THERE! Staring us right in the face. It was the importance of the ‘Community’.

The Men, Women and Children who should have been expected to give up on their situations were seen to be uplifted and surprisingly happy all because of the ‘support’ they were getting from ‘belonging’ to their Community. But we witnessed something else that day, and that was that most of us felt a part of the ‘bigger’ community. It made us feel Good and Special to be able to put our hand in our pocket and give a little ‘back’ into that community. (Politicians take note).

It’s a very powerful feeling and it can move large communities to act in surprising ways when they know that what they are doing is ‘right’ and for the good of ‘everyone’. Politicians need to realise that while it may feed their ideology to break up communities so that they can exert more ‘Power’ over us, that a backlash is highly likely when those communities are pushed to breaking point. That backlash WILL affect everyone in the land so it’s no good succumbing to the political media spin that the Bedroom Tax is for the good of all, because it most certainly isn’t, and the ‘majority’ of this decent society of ours knows it.

In the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s large social housing estates were built on the basis that they would form ‘communities’ of like minded people who would take a pride in their properties and would look after them (and each other). On the whole this was successful until the balance tipped the wrong way and seriously left-of-field councils let anti-social minorities rule those estates. Instead of weeding out the bad apples they let them stay, rot and infest the communities they inhabited causing many of those once lovely estates to become run down no-go areas that are now homes that no-one wants to live in.

The maintenance costs alone now are beyond the capabilities of most councils so the areas are left to rot even more and the only people left in these once thriving communities are the vulnerable unemployed or disabled folk who are financially ‘stuck’ in the situation not of their making. The drug users and alcoholics are used and abused by the gangster mentality that will always surface and thrive in such areas and their control is hardly challenged by the Councillors or the Police.

The outcome is obvious. we have thousands of empty homes in and around these estates that no-one wants to live in and infact ‘cannot’ live in because they have become so run down that they are no longer inhabitable. This in turn has caused a massive backlog of people looking for ‘decent’ social housing and the need can’t be met because those well-meaning but socially irresponsible councillors let the bad apples fester away in those once respectable communities that now resemble war zones.

George Clark and the programme on Channel 4 – ‘The Secret Millions’ showed a shining example of how these empty homes and withering communities can be brought back to life with a little effort, understanding and pride. It’s a model that should be rolled out across the land. BUT! It will all be for nothing if IDS imposes the dreaded Bedroom Tax because there will be even more homeless to contend with. The benefits bill will sky rocket because Councils will have to pay unscrupulous landlords WAY over the odds to provide temporary accommodation for those who have been evicted from their ‘Social Housing’ because they couldn’t afford to pay the Bedroom Tax.

OK, so WHO are the winners her you might ask, as there are ‘always’ winners and losers in these situations. A clue might be that the Political Classes (our MP’s / Government) are made up of primarily those from the legal professions and property landlords.

Councils will have to take their tenants to court to get eviction notices against those ‘most vulnerable’ who have got into arrears through no fault of their own. £££££Ker-Chinggggg – Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers can now rub their hands together in Glee as the good old ‘tax payer’ – yes YOU good people living in private houses, in private estates on private roads – the good, moral, ethical people of this once great land are going to have to PAY out of YOUR pocket to evict these people who are also, like you, the good, moral, ethical people of this once great land.

Don’t worry though, because You will also get to see private landlords soaking up even MORE of your hard-earned wages as Councils pay WELL over the odds to them to accommodate those unfortunate enough to have had their once Happy, Socially accepted, part of the Community, Family home taken from them because of a bad dream that Ian Duncan Smith once had and which none of his co-horts had the balls to tell him was the most Evil dream imagineable.

Communities are THE most valuable thing that ANY Society has. From the Poorest in Africa, to the Richest in the UK. The last 20 to 30 years have seen successive Government trying their hardest to break them up. If you have a conscience, you’ll argue AGAINST the Bedroom Tax and all of it’s Evil connotations. If you don’t have a conscience? Well, good luck, you’ll need it. Remember – “There but for the grace of God go I”.

There is not ONE of us who might one day find ourselves in the same boat. The streets are littered with folk who were once ‘Top of their game’, wealthy, big house, happy family. One stroke of bad luck or one wrong decision is all it takes to kick you in the gutter.

Your health might be fine right now, but diseases like Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t distinguish between rich, poor, good, bad, young or old. That also goes for many more diseases out there which can kick you into that gutter in a flash, so this Bedroom Tax might just come back to haunt you if you don’t stand up against it Right Now!







The Great British Floods 2014

I thought I’d re-publish a post that I wrote after the 2007 floods because lessons still appear not to have been learned and the Great British Masters and Bampots go on their merry way leading us into more self destruction as usual.



No doubt we’re all, both Shocked and in Awe of the Scale and Enormity of the total devastation being caused this summer by the ‘soaking’ we’ve received from mother nature, as she tries to make amends for the ‘scarcity’ of rain she’s allocated to us over the last few years with a larger than life ‘flood reward’.

But to see politicians scurrying around trying to look effective and caring is quite honestly an insult to our intelligence. They’ve never had a clue before, and they certainly don’t have one now. All the usual sound-bites are being appropriately banded about, but with ‘hollow’ intent. The word FLOOD is now their keyword to get all and ‘any’ media employees rushing to their side to ‘hear’ the next ‘Words Of Wisdom’ from these buffoons.

Will lessons be learned? NO!
Will they listen to those who DO know about the problems we’ve created? NO!
Will they throw our hard-earned taxes at the problem? YES! Most certainly in the short term to disguise their GUILT. But in a few months this will all be forgotten, (The Great UK Floods Will Be Distant Memories) and another ‘Man created’ problem will take over our hearts, leaving those poor victims in their own world, having to get through it as best they can. On Their Own.

After all, our trusty politicians have opinion polls to consider. They have Elections to win and finance. They also have, (more importantly of course than our floods), other countries problems to solve before their own citizens get their ear. So why is anyone surprised at all that the government response was nothing short of ‘Totally dismal’?

A few thousand sand-bags hurriedly distributed. I’d like to know how many homes these sand-bags saved, and whether they could be counted on just ONE hand. Sand-bags SLOW the water, they don’t STOP it.

Who could find the energy to stay up all night, and all day long just baling water non-stop from their house. (Unless you have a large fit family of course, not many).

This curse from mother nature DID of course have ONE positive effect. It DID bring out the ‘Bull-Dog Spirit’ in a lot of people who probably thought they didn’t have it. Or who thought their neighbours weren’t capable of possessing this quality. Not much compensation I know, but a little bit at least.

Much is being said about the causes of the flooding, and looking for someone to blame. But if we DO have to blame someone, I’m afraid good old ‘Mother Nature’ must take full responsibility this time. What WE have to ask is WHY she decided to give us a ‘wake-up-call’.

Was it because of our terrible ‘emissions’? You know, that ‘buzz-word’ everyone uses these days to get any sort of ‘funding’ or ‘attention’ for themselves?  NO!

Well was it maybe because we’ve not been doing our ‘rain-dancing’ often enough, or worshipping the ‘Sun-God’ in the sky so that he’d keep all the water at bay? NO!

Was it because our farmers are ‘paid’ by Brussels NOT to do anything with their land. Especially to put it to good use in any way? MAYBE?

Or could it possibly be because of people like ME? Who worked for one of the numerous councils country-wide in the early 1970’s, spending all day EVERY day, replacing huge great ditches along the side of every ‘A and B road’ in the country, with little ‘eighteen inch diameter’ concrete pipes to take ‘All’ of this water that almost always ‘filled’ these ditches in our winter months.

Remembering of course, that these ditches on average were about ‘six feet deep’, by approximately ‘four feet wide’. They used to fill up quite quickly and easily.

When I was a kid, these ditches were great sources of entertainment and adventure. (Probably why our Lords and Masters decided to ‘fill them in’). But they were also brilliant at doing what they were designed to do; Get rid of all that excess rainwater of course.

But now we’re forgetting that GREAT 1960’s invention….. ‘The Glorious Do-Gooder’. That Bam-Pot who decided that we should ALL be wrapped up in cotton-wool just incase we ‘hurt’ ourselves while playing. Or maybe we would ‘injure’ ourselves if we drove off the road while drunk, or driving ‘carelessly’ one day.

What did ‘The Bam-Pot’ do?

He decided to fill in those dangerous ditches, that’s what, and channel ALL that water which regularly ‘filled’ our six foot by four foot ditches each winter, into a neatly concealed underground ‘Eighteen Inch’ concrete pipe-way.

Does a Gallon of water fit into a Pint bottle??

I think you know the answer to THAT one, but our local and national politicians, highway officers, and most of all ‘Our Bam-Pots’ couldn’t quite grasp the maths here.

So now, 30+ years on, we’re reaping our rewards for NOT understanding that ‘Mother Nature’ operates in a different time-zone to the rest of us. Not only that, but she does NOT suffer fools gladly. When she sees ‘stupidity’ on a large enough scale as to undermine her own efforts, she doesn’t CAUSE devastation to be inflicted on the perpetrators. She simply allows clouds to pass between herself and her subjects. Then whatever will be, will be. Even when it causes detriment to her own creative work, it’s a lesson that HAS to be endured.

Vast swathes of the UK have reaped the ‘consequences’ of bad judgement by those who profess to have our best interests at heart. but who in fact serve NO-ONE but themselves. The Local and National Politicians. Heads of Business who only see profit margins. Then the self-obsessed ‘Do-Gooders’ who have NO life experience of their own, so they try to ‘rule’ the rest of us with their twisted sense of ‘moral responsibility’.

So are ‘The Great Flood Waters’ of 2007 an act of God?

I think we know who caused THIS particular ‘Act’, and it certainly wasn’t ‘God’. Although those responsible would like us to ‘Call’ them God maybe. I know what I’d like to call them, and it doesn’t begin with ‘G’.

It begins with a very large ‘W’.

(First published 28/07/07)

De` Ja` Vu` ??

The Great ‘UK’ Floods, Summer ’07.


The Great British Property Scandal: Every Empty Counts, George Clarke

Having watched this programme with great anticipation because the first programme was such a resounding ‘wake-up call’ for this ConDem Government of ours I was left realising that George Clarke had been out-manouvered and held in check by Grant Shapps and his underlings.

I have absolutely no doubts about the motives, ethics and morality of George Clarkes campaign which is admirably backed up by Channel 4 but they have both fallen victim to that old adage – ‘keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer’.

Grant Shapps saw a great opportunity to ‘spin’ this magnificant campaign to favour the Tory ideaology by offering George the illusion of ‘power’ – second only to ‘love’ in the great scheme of things. George Clarke, and to some degree Channel 4, have now become the ‘Patsy’ of Grant Shapps because the illusion of ‘Power’ is one of the strongest driving forces known to humankind and although tidbits of harmless success stories are thrown to George (the success of the empty homes app for instance) the general trend is ‘still’ to demolish perfectly good homes with the oftentimes unfulfilled promise of regeneration which has the effect of breaking up good, honest, strong communities which serves yet another part of the Tory ideaology – ‘Divide and Conquer’.
Please read ‘Our Extinct Community Spirit’ Here!

It was a very sad sight to see George Clarke so bouyed up by this new semi-political role he’d been given in the true belief that he will effect a long term solution to the Immoral and downright dishonest housing policy that this government is pushing through.

They are pushing through a social housing bill where new tenants will only be offered short term agreements which will mean that they can be moved on every 2 years at the whim of any council in the land. If that isn’t a certain recipe for more homelessness and the further breaking up of communities and ‘Society’ as a whole then I don’t know what is.

Any honest, ethical and caring politician should see it as their DUTY to try to offer housing to ‘everyone’ in need and to keep long standing communities bound together, not split apart like some boxed commodity. The construction industry has ALWAYS been the driving factor (without exception) that gets us out of recession and this government should realise that and kick-start the biggest house-building programme since the end of WW2 and get real communities back on their feet while stimulating the economy back into gear.

The security of a long term roof over their head gives people a feel-good factor and sense of identity which will penetrate into every part of our well-being and collective consciousness. It will encourage us to work harder, play harder and SPEND harder – (within our means of course).

George Clarke will do a lot more good if he acknowledges that he’s been ‘Had’ – that he’s been hi-jacked by the Grant Shapps social destruction team and he reverses the age old adage of ‘keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer’ to work for HIM and not the Tory ‘ConDem’ Government.

This is of course only my personal opinion which was formed during and after watching the programme 😉

Watch it Here! if you’ve not already done so.





The Black Economy Is No Bad Thing

The Black Economy it could be argued, could bring us all out of recession much faster than ALL of the Government incentives and directives put together.

Just think about it for a while. A person who operates in the ‘black economy’ where they supposedly avoid paying their fair share of income tax to the authourities are usually very motivated, entrepreneurial individuals who are inherently ‘risk takers’ at heart. They go out and they ‘find’ customers clients for themselves and they work particularly hard because their rewards are even greater if they do.

Surely those are the qualities of the people we want to see stimulate a growth in our economy, not those who just turn up 9 – 5 and amble through the day to get just enough to live on each month with no spare cash to buy products or services that the economy desperately needs us to do right now.

Those grafters in the black economy are the very people who love to go out and SPEND their hard earned cash, almost always paying the VAT on products that otherwise would be just sitting on shelves, stock rooms or warehouses indefinitely if it weren’t for these ‘rogues’ in society. So you see, the government doesn’t really lose out at all as they get more legitimate VAT payments directed into their coffers.

The Treasury are quite prepared to pay investigators (private and publicly funded) to spend weeks and months gathering evidence at the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds just so that they can ‘stuff’ a grafter for daring to operate in the ‘Black Economy’. That money is NEVER value-for-money as they never get back anything like the expenditure paid out in these investigations. They might just as well flush that money down the loos in the treasury.

One other thing to note here. Almost ALL of those so-called Fiddlers who I would call Grafters grow their businesses to the point where it’s uneconomical to operate in the black economy any more and they turn legitimate employing others who are more than grateful for the work. The Treasury gets it’s revenue, (and more of it) and the economy gets a further little ‘Boost!’ – So don’t knock the Grafters out there who work for cash-in-hand because you are knocking the very people who will ALWAYS drag this Country OUT of any recession as always.

It’s no coincidence that the vast majority who work within the Black Economy culture work in the construction industry as it is ALWAYS the construction industry that pulls us out of the mire every time.

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‘You’ve Been Trumped’ – Literally

Having watched the ‘You’ve Been Trumped‘ documentary about how Donald Trump has bulldozed, bullied and corrupted the SNP and the Aberdeen Police force last night on BBC2, I woke up this morning having had a very restless night with the injustice of it all rampaging through my mind that I thought I had better put my thoughts down here.

I’ve always had a respect for Donald Trump and the way he’s overcome obstacles to forge a billion dollar fortune for himself, his family and his backers whoever they may be. But last night, after watching ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ I’ve been left with a very bitter taste in my mouth and wondering HOW the world could have been fooled for so long by this All-American Folk Hero of the financial and property world?

It would appear that Alex Salmond – he of the SNP and himself the forger of a plan to make Scotland independent from the UK as a whole – has been complicit in aiding Donald Trump to ride roughshod all over the heritage and the local people in the Menie estate area near Aberdeen where he wanted to build his ultra-magnificant Golf Course.

Of course, he had his way with the golf course and it opened up earlier in the year to the usual fanfare that seems to follow Trump around at all times. The Hotel and Houses he had planned are apparently on hold while a decision is taken ‘not’ to build a wind farm in the area. But with the persistant bullying by his own ‘Security’ personell and the underhand corruption of both the SNP Politicians (Alex Salmond and his Oiks) and the local Police force what’s the betting that the wind farm plans will evaporate mysteriously? (Not that I think that’s a bad idea).

Golf professionals should put competing at the Donald Trump Golf Course in Scotland on an equal footing as being invited to a party by the late Jimmy Savile. (Not to be recommended).

The World will see this documentary and see Donald Trump for the ‘Mafia style’ operator that he has become. They will also take a mental note of the type of people who Cow-Tail to him and nod every time he opens his mouth.

Golf has rightly enjoyed a very high profile in the sporting world, has Donald Trump now tainted it with his greed and corruption? Golf Professionals like Colin Montgomery should distance themselves immediately.

If you’ve not watched the programme, you can see it online here at the BBC iPlayer and form your own opinion. Then be sure to share this post using the button below.



The UK Disability Living Allowance Reforms

Surely this UK Coalition Government ‘must’ be taken to the European Court For Human Rights over it’s blatantly thoughtless approach to the Disability living Allowance Reforms?

They are targetting ‘the’ most vulnerable people in our society who actually have ‘no choice’ when it comes to being disabled or not. Obviously the VAST majority of claiments would much rather be able to get back to work (doing a job they are either qualified to do or a job that they love) than having to suffer the humiliation of being forced into the situation of asking the ‘State’ for help.

Personally, I have been an extremely hard-working person all of my life since leaving school (and even before I left school). I worked as a plasterer and became recognised as one of the fastest, competent and hard-working plasterers around. I was a work-a-holic and absolutely loved the challenge each day of a real hard days graft (the money wasn’t bad either).

Then at the age of 37 in 1987 I was suddenly struck down with multiple sclerosis. the whole of my left side was virtually paralysed, I could hardly feed myself or even make a cup of coffee because my co-ordination was all over the place. i had the usual neurological tests done, scans etc because it was suspected I had a brain tumour at first only to be told after a couple of months that it was pretty certain I had MS.

My response was enormous relief because I too thought I had a tumour, and gradually over several months I managed to ease myself back into work because I found I could earn just fractionally more than the incapacity benefit I was on at the time (though not sure if that’s what it was called back then) as I was married with seven kids to support.

Within a year my MS had regressed enough for me to work semi-part-time and earn enough to get by and start reducing the debts that had racked up during that period, but I was regularly having to take sometimes ‘weeks’ off work because the MS would rear it’s ugly head and make it impossible to continue. So I would work – build up a little reserve – then have to take time off and use up that reserve to live. It was a never ending cycle but one I was prepared to endure rather than keep living on benefits.

Then in April 2007 the MS came back and hit me with a real vengeance and totally immobilised me. Again, I went through all of the rigorous testing and scans only to be told that it ‘was’ the MS causing my problems but that I would likely get a period of remission within a few months.

Well that was five years ago now, and I don’t ever have a waking moment when I’m ‘not’ in considerable pain. I would absolutely ‘love’ to be back at work doing what I do best. Instead, I sit for short spells of time at the computer writing blog posts like this or doing other so-called activities to try and stop myself going MAD!!

Yes! – I do claim the Disability Living Allowance and ‘out’ of that allowance I ‘pay’ for a car through the Mobility Scheme (a charity here in the UK) – It’s not FREE as some would have you believe but it is extremely convenient because without a car I would be almost permanently house-bound. The car, even though I don’t go far, or even use it too regularly is a life-line to me and thousands of other ‘disabled’ people who are so NOT because of choice, but because life decided to throw a spanner in the works.

I have paid enormous amounts of tax and National Insurance contributions over the years and would love the opportunity to do so again. The governments response is to deem ‘All’  DLA claiments as ‘scroungers’ and even worse – ‘Fraudulent Thiefs’. Thousands who clearly are not able to work are being told ‘yes they can’ by jumped-up-traffic-wardens who sit in the job-centres of this country ticking boxes, making life-destroying decisions about people who they are not even qualified to assess ‘at any level’. This simply HAS to be contrary to any basic human rights in ‘any’ country, let alone a so-called civilised society like ours in the UK is supposed to be.

It’s no good talking to your local MP’s as they simply won’t listen. They have their orders to ‘Shut Up or else’ and so they do. In the meantime this uncaring government is bulldozing it’s way through honest, respectable people’s lives with no thought or ‘care’ for the people they are bulldozing their way over.

And they say China and Russia are guilty of Human Rights Breaches?

Don’t throw stones in glass houses –  Cameron – Osborne & Co

Europe Continues Digging It’s Own Grave.


Europe Continues Digging It’s Own Grave.


Montenegro is still a ‘Wild West’ Nation. Accountancy and balancing the books in the economy is totally alien to them (we all thought Greece accounting was imaginitive) and their financial organisation belongs in the realms of a science fiction novel.

So what are the good and great in the European Union hell-bent on pushing through with the most haste right now? …… YEP! – You got it …. They are trying to embrace Montenegro into the European Union just to be absolutely ‘sure’ that the whole area goes financially and socially belly-up taking the rest of us with them.

If ever there was a complete definition of ‘Madness’ then this is the perfect example.

In my last post here I spoke about the fact that Great Britain PLC is being asset stripped for a major ‘Sell-out’ to a more powerful, financially abundant nation. Well it’s now also plain to surmise that either Russia, China, India or the USA have very big plans for the combined ‘European States’ and the European leaders and string-pullers are being lined up for a very large ‘Power-Pay-Day’ on the final completion.

You think that’s just a great theme for a science fiction novel?
Well wake up and smell the coffee, take a look at the real life politics adopted in Montenegro and ‘know’ that the idea is a great theme for a Non-Fiction publication.

Just a thought 🙂